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"Little Duckie's Day" Available at WORD Bookstore in Jersey CIty!
We are thrilled to announce that "Little Duckie's Day" is now being sold at a bona-fide, brick-and -mortar community bookstore in Jersey City! A huge "thank you" to Ashanti White-Wallace at Word Bookstore, who graciously accepted copies of "Little Duckie's Day" for a three-month consignment deal, and has provided lots of encouragement and support in the process. If you happen to be in the area, why not stop in and check them out... and maybe pick up a book or two!

We'd also like to extend a warm "thank you" and a big shout out to all the Little Duckie fans who purchased copies from Word Bookstore, and who continue to support us... thanks for spreading the word and helping to make Little Duckie a big success!

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Have you noticed? You can now "Like" us on Facebook, by clicking the button on the right hand sidebar -- and you can check out DL Skandle's Facebook Page for more news and events regarding the "Little Duckie" series. Thanks for sticking with us, and please understand that we're still working hard to build a social media presence. It's a growing process.


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